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Munching Militia (Dyke March Toronto) - Welcome to the Munching Militia SOY Bowlathon Fundraising Page!
Team Name: Munching Militia (Dyke March Toronto)
Team Leader: Laura Krahn
Welcome to the 2013 SOY Bowlathon - our 14th Annual Fundraiser!
Starts: Oct 19, 2013

Our message:

As organizers of the annual Toronto Dyke March, we know that celebrating and exploring our desires, struggles, and triumphs as queer and trans people is incredibly important. We get to do such celebration and exploration at the Dyke March, but for the most part the March is only a couple of hours once a year. SOY does this work EVERYDAY, ALL YEAR.

Further, SOY supports some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, specifically youth under 29 and especially homeless, underhoused, racialized, trans, and newcomer youth.

SOY does a lot to provide support. SOY runs 11 community groups that are not only social spaces but also ones of education, support, adventure, and art. SOY has a mentoring program that connects queer and trans youth and adults one-on-one. SOY also provides employment and housing support, runs the annual youth stage at Pride (Fruit Loopz), and helps organize other events such as the Unity Conference (for high school students involved or interested in GSAs) and Pride Prom at Buddies in Bad Time Theatre. SOY does so much because the need is so great, and the Coordinators and Facilitators are always striving to do more and to do better.

The work that SOY does essential to the vibrancy of our communities, and we want to make sure they can keep doing what they do.

Please consider donating to this awesome cause. Every dollar counts!


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Munching Militia (Dyke March Toronto)

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Aanya J
Andi Schwartz
Dallas Barnes
Kaitlin Blanchard
Laura Krahn
Lluvia Machuca Ruelas
Mary Sue Robinet
Meg Black
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