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Course Highlights

  • Basic Virology
  • Pathogenesis of Virus Infections
  • Principles of Viral Diagnosis
  • Update on Hepatitis: A,B,C,D,E,G
  •  Zoonotic & Retro Viruses
  • Agents targeting various organs

Benefit from the expertise of the BC Centre of Disease Control

This set of 12 audio-cds, with explanatory handouts, was developed by the BCCDC.

1 Basics of Virology Sean Byrne, PhD

2 Respiratory Viruses – I Sean Byrne, PhD

3 Respiratory Viruses – II Sean Byrne, PhD

4 Agents Targeting the GI Tract Gail McNabb

5 Continuum of Hepatitis C Care Mel Krajden, MD, FRCP(C)

6 Hepatitis A, B (not C), D, E, G

7 Agents Targeting the Heart and CNS Annie Mak

8 Agents Targeting Blood Cell Sean Byrne, PhD

9 Human Retroviruses Darrel Cook

10 Zoonotic Viruses – Part 1 Muhammad Morshed, PhD

11 Zoonotic Viruses – Part 11 Muhammad Morshed, PhD

12 Agents Targeting the Skin or Eyes Ron Gillies

Course Objectives

This correspondence course is offered by the BCSLS and the BC Centre for Disease Control:

1. to provide students with concepts of viral replication and pathogenesis.

2. to provide an understanding of viral diagnosis and application of new technologies.

3. to review several important and currently topical virus infections.

This course is directed towards the post RT level and is assigned 1.0 credit (CSMLS #4041-7). Satisfactory completion of 2-hour exam is necessary to be eligible for credit.

This course consists of 9 hours of study (12 lectures @ 45 minutes) with a 2-hour examination.  This course is assigned 1.0 credit by the CSMLS (#4041-7: revision of Virtual Virology) under the Continuing Professional Studies (CPS) program and competency assurance credits under the CSMLS Professional Enhancement Program.

This course is designed to provide technologists with the basic concepts of viral replication and pathogenesis, an understanding of viral diagnosis and a review of some of the important and currently topical virus infections. The course lectures on audio compact discs (CDs) include: basic virology, principles of viral diagnosis, update on hepatitis viruses, agents targeting different parts of the human body, retroviruses and zoonotic viruses.

One set of 12 audio compact discs, one course manual will be sent to the primary registrant.

The manual is copyrighted and must not be copied.

All registrants must return the examination within TWO months of receipt of the course.

The assignment marks will be available 4 weeks after we receive your completed assignments.

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