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Make a donation and help me raise funds for St.Amant Foundation before I leave on April 3rd!

Created By: Dalip Shekhawat
Climbing Everest for St.Amant
Starts: Mar 15, 2019

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My personal message:


Hello and greetings!

I am Dalip Shekhawat, I will be attempting to climb Mount Everest from the south face in Nepal. I am leaving on April 3rd and will return on May 29th. Mt Everest stands tall at 8850 meters (29,035 feet). The expedition will begin in first week of April from Kathmandu and will take approximately 55 to 60 days to get to the summit and back. I am using this climb as an opportunity to raise funds and create awareness for children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism supported by St.Amant.

I work at St.Amant School teaching students who have high behavioural needs and every day I experience the difference that we can make in these students lives. The students I work with deserve to live life to their full potential, just as anyone else does and with your help we can raise funds to provide access to leisure and recreational activities, necessary communications tools and accessible mobility equipment.

Help me make a difference! My goal is to raise $10,000 and all the proceeds will go to St.Amant Foundation.

How can you support me? Make a donation today! (click on Sponsor Me)

Reaching out for help is not something I have done before, I realize the magnitude of the cause. Any donation, no matter how big or small will go a very long way.

About Me:

Outdoors is where my heart and passion truly belong. As a youth growing up in the foothills of lesser Himalayas, I regularly went on treks which grew longer as I grew older. In year 2002 and 2006 I did my Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses from Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in India. Through WHMI I have organized and led numerous school expeditions in India and climbed peaks like Stok Kangri 6153m, Shatidhar 5242m, Rohtang pass 3979m, and Khardungla pass 5359m and Saddle Peak in Andaman Islands.

I moved to Canada in 2010 and joined Alpine Club of Canada, with ACC and other agencies I climbed Mt Victoria 3464m, Mt Balfour 3272m, St Nicholas 2970m, Itza 5230m, Malinche 4461m, Mt Orizaba 5670m, Nevado de Toluca, 4680m, Mt Kun 7088m and few other unnamed peaks. I have also hiked Wapta traverse, Ice line trail, Yoho Valley trail, Rogers pass, and Lake O hara.

Besides climbing I also enjoy running ultra-marathons. Some of the races I ran: Spruce Woods Ultra 50K, Oxbow 50K, Epic East Gate 50K, End-sure 50k, Nigra fall 80K, Beaudry Fall Classic 100miles, Actif Epica and numerous marathons, half marathons and relays.

My training regime for Everest:

Mount Everest Expedition is undoubtedly a lifetime opportunity. Nevertheless, these expeditions encounter many hindrances such as high altitude, severe weather conditions and avalanches. One must be well trained before actually trying it.

Being a Soldier in Canadian Forces I have learned toughness and tenacity, whether its running up hills with rucksack or jerry cans, awake all night during a watch or dealing with a lack of sleep or food. The military has taught me to push through mental and physical barriers. We are put into so many difficult situations that we learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is character building stuff and helped me to learn to overcome adversity.

An expedition to Everest requires immense amount of planning, preparation and training for experiencing and returning back safe from expedition. Climbing Everest is huge undertaking physically and mentally and accepting that even best laid plans can fall by the way side when condition and events dictates, but it is still possible to predict and prepare for most of the situations.

I am spending most of my day training for it. Leaving no stones un-turned. Mental fitness is of utmost importance. I do over distance days to prepare for long days on mountain. I hit the trail/gym for run/hike and cross fit training to achieve glycogen depletion state. I do dehydration training to tolerate thirst, I train to tolerate cold to increase shivering threshold and ability to tolerate cold conditions in death zone. I do hypoxic training to increase lung capacity with Go4fit training mask and weight training by loading my rucksack with sand bags to add up the weight to around 30 kg and I go up and down the stairs with go4fit mask as many times as I can, and I end my day with some stretching. None of the workout which I do would be much effective if it isn’t followed by clean and healthy dietary plan.

Thank you for helping me provide meaningful opportunities to children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism!

Please share this page with your friends and family to help me reach my goal!

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Dalip Shekhawat

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