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Welcome to my Prancing with the Stars Fundraising Page

Created By: Lana Hockey
Prancing with the Stars 2019 presented by Royal Canin
Starts: Nov 06, 2019

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My personal message:

I am one of the few people I know who was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have lived all over Canada, finally settling in first Mississauga (Lorne Park) and recently Toronto (the Annex) eighteen years ago. 

I have been married for 30 years to a great guy, who has been working in NYC for the past three years. We split our time between NY and Toronto, heavily weighted towards Toronto!

I am the proud Mom of two sons, who have both finished school and are gainfully employed (yay!). I am also Mom to a rescue fur baby named Gordie McBeaver Mountie (VERY long story...). Gordie joined our family at just under a year old, after being rescued from a Meth lab in South Carolina. She came to us with chemical burns, afraid of everything and everyone. She now rules the roost with an iron paw and the best puppy dog eyes ever!

I have absolutely NO experience with dancing...NONE!  I am terrified at the thought of dancing in front of people, especially people I know. I was inspired by Cari MacLean’s dancing with the stars experience. Cari and I have played hockey together, on a team called the Greyhounds, for several years. Four of us Greyhounds made the trip to Red Deer to cheer Cari on. I made the mistake, after seeing Cari’s performance, of saying that I would LOVE to do the same thing...and here I am!


The Oakville Milton Humane Society is a resource centre that promotes the Human/Animal Bond through education, prevention and protection, emphasizing kindness, compassion and respect for life.

Speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves – together we make a difference!

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Lana Hockey

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