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Welcome to my Personal Fundraising Page

Created By: Giselle Germain
Team Name: Team GG
2022 One Dream Walk of Hope Walkathon
Starts: Aug 27, 2022

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My personal message:

On Saturday, August 27th,2022 I will be joining The Olive Branch Of Hope Cancer Support Services to WALK in their 2022 One Dream Walk of Hope Walkathon.

This organization raises funds to benefit individuals and families affected by cancer, particularly in Women of African Ancestry.

I learned that Women of African Ancestry are more at risk of being diagnosed at a much younger age with a more aggressive form of breast cancer called Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is often fatal.

Did you know that

  • Women of African Ancestry are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer and will probably die from it before the age of 40?
  • Researchers have found that there is a genetic mutation linked to this aggressive type of breast tumor, but more research is needed to find out WHY it is related to this specific group?

Research is crucial and our research partners from McMaster University, headed by Dr. Juliet Daniel, is currently working with us to shed light on this problem and help us save lives!

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Thank you in advance for your generosity!


About The Olive Branch of Hope Cancer Support Services

The Olive Branch Of Hope (TOBOH) launched in 2001.

Our mission is to be the leading resource service offering culturally diverse support and programs for individuals and families affected by cancer. 

Although TOBOH largely assists women of African-Caribbean Heritage, the message of hope is universal. 

The organization's desire is that everyone across all backgrounds and nationalities will benefit from its efforts to educate, empower and bring hope and encouragement to all, since cancer and who it affects transcends ethnicities.

For more information, visit our website at

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