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Welcome to my pledge page! - GNS Spring Fundraiser '17

Created By: Khali MacIntyre
Garden Spring 2017 Fundraiser
Starts: Mar 30, 2017

Our message:

Help us raise money for our wonderful preschool, The Garden Cooperative Nursery.

Bandit has become a strong self motivated person under the care and support of Teacher Lisa and Teacher Cristina, as well as this amazing community of families over these past two years. Bandit will be graduating at the end of this school year and headed to kindergarten and Roark will be entering as a first year student at The Garden next year. We can't say enough wonderful things about this place and the many people who put so much time and energy into it.

By making a donation you help us keep going and growing. Your money helps supply our artists with paint and our scientists with baking powder. You assist our architects with large scale blocks and building materials. And most of all you help create scholarship opportunities so that The Garden's Non-Violent / Echo Parenting based educational environment is available to more families. 

Please help us reach our fundraising goals! Just click "Sponsor Us" to make a donation. Thank you!!


All monies raised by The Garden Nursery teams will support The Garden's activities and scholarship program. Thank you for your support!!

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This event is now over.

Our Progress
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Khali MacIntyre

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