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Fabulous Family Physicians - Welcome to our team fundraising page
Team Name: Fabulous Family Physicians
Team Leader: Ruth Mathieson
Rotary Poker Walk for HIV/AIDS Belleville 2019
Starts: Apr 27, 2019

Our message:

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, you too can help in the fight against HIV/AIDS for the 13th Annual Rotary Poker Walk for HIV / AIDS. Please join my team to help raise money for a cause I am really passionate about.  The walk is based on getting a number of teams together to create a day of fellowship, learning more about HIV/AIDS, and playing a custom designed board game with questions we need to answer as best we can.  The game, in the shape of a red AIDS ribbon, will be all about engaging the subject of HIV/AIDS and learning and sharing information about the health issues and how better to advance cures and education.

We reach out to our friends and families and work associates to raise money to support the many recipients of our fundraising efforts

If you'd rather be a silent partner in this fight, please consider sponsoring me. We've made it super easy . .  just click the "Sponsor a Team Member" to the right, and select a team member, OR join our team!



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Fabulous Family Physicians

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