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Team goBert - Welcome to our team fundraising page
Team Name: Team goBert
Team Leader: Pierre Campeau
2024 Tri for St.Amant Triathlon
Starts: Jun 15, 2024
Our message:

Your pledge will help purchase more mobility equipment!

We're excited to be participating in the 4th annual Tri for St.Amant this June to work on our fitness, achieve personal goals and raise funds to ensure that more people supported by St.Amant will have access to mobility equipment like customized bikes, bed lifts, wheelchairs and more. 

This year, we are raising funds for multiple mobility equipment needs including:

- 4 adapted bikes
- 3 pommel walkers
- 1 power wheelchair

For people with disabilities, customized mobility equipment like a bicycle can boost physical benefits, such as increased joint motion, muscle movement, circulation, core development, coordination and balance. And for emotional gains, can help foster inclusion and a sense of independence.

We reaching out to YOU for support. Together, we will make a difference.

Just click on a members name and then “Sponsor Me” to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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Team goBert

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Brent Pooles
Brian Denysuik
Bruce Wardrope
Charlie Popwich
Cole Castelane
Craig Murray
Dennis Maxted
George Vis
John Leggat
John Zadro
Leanne Taylor
Pierre Campeau
Rejean Roch
Ron Petley
Steven Maxted
Steven Maxted
Warren Gobert
Warren Gobert
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