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The Blakers - Welcome to our Hoop-Law Charity Basketball Tournament Team Fundraising Page!
Team Name: The Blakers
Team Leader: Vijay Dhillon
2023 Hoop-Law Charity Basketball Tournament
Starts: Sep 09, 2023
Our message:
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Team Progress
Our Goal:
So far we raised:
Donations which will continue each month:
The Blakers

Sponsor a Team Member:
Abhirup Chopra
Chloe Stone
Emma Arnold-Fyfe
Fiona Lee
Fraser Love
Graham Fulton
Hannah Dobie
Jeremy Rogers
Joao Victor Lima
John Graham
Kira Pederson
Logan Bell
Mackenzie Parlow
Matthew Vreugde
Michael Oland
Nicholas Tollefson
Spencer Wilkie
Tom Barker
Vijay Dhillon
William Bryson
Zarria McKearney
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