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Mighty Quinn's Colourful Crew - Welcome to the webpage for Mighty Quinn's Colourful Crew!
Team Name: Mighty Quinn's Colourful Crew
Team Leader: Jenn Smolders-Godfrey
6th Annual Buddy Walk
Starts: May 12, 2018

Our message:

Help us make a difference!

This is the second year of Mighty Quinn's Colourful Crew! Last year our family and friends came together to form the largest team at the Buddy Walk and we acheived second place in fundraising - over $6000 to support the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto. Chris, Nolan and I were humbled by the love and enthusiam that surrounded us on this day and the days leading up to the event, as we have been throughout all of Quinnie's life so far.  

Quinn, like so many other with Down Syndrome, brings so much joy and love to all of those who encounter him. Quinn's happiness is contageous and his character mighty and strong! Quinn truly amazes us every, single day. His fortitude and zest for life have seen Quinn through a so many medical tests, visits to the doctor, therapy sessions, and multiple hospital stays and surgeries. In his very short life so far, Quinn has accumulated an impressive list of about 6 medical specialists and 5 therapists, 3 surgeries, and one more to come later this month! Quinn has and will continue to struggle through many challenges in his lifetime. Yet, we know through the support of his Mama, Daddy, and big bro Nolan, his family and friends, and those in the Down Syndrome community, Quinn is going to have a full and beautiful life!

We are so grateful to you, our parents, our siblings, and our friends (who are more like family!) for all of your love and support throughout these past few years! You have formed such a strong support network around us that we feel we can take on anything! We are also very thankful for the support of the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto - DSAT. The DSAT works on our behalf, to advocate for our kids, to provide social and educational opportunities for our community, and to help us as parents, help our children with DS. Their tireless work is truly incredible and that's why we are fundraising to support the DSAT.

If you can, please help us support the DSAT, by fundraising, spreading the word about their amazing work, or joining us at the Buddy Walk on May 12! It is a beautiful and inspiring day that will leave your heart full, we promise!

With all our love,

Chris, Jenn, Nolan and Quinn 

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Mighty Quinn's Colourful Crew

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Alexa Nielsen
Bryn Nihill
Don Walker
Erin Godfrey
Henrietta DeWolfe
Jenn Smolders-Godfrey
Jodi Clatworthy
Katie Martin
Kieran May
Meaghan Walker
Meghan Thomas
Melissa Cox
Mike Smolders
Sarah Martin
Stephanie Van Massenhoven
Suzanne & Scott Douglas
Tracy Parent
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