Band of Love: Show your loved one you care this Valentine's Day with a special bird-friendly gift

Endangered Piping Plovers, threatened American Oystercatchers, Osprey, and Great Egrets return throughout the spring and summer to New York City each year, having traveled great distances from the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, or areas even farther away. We know of these birds' winter whereabouts largely through the efforts of NYC Audubon to band a small amount of birds each spring season. 

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Please select an amount you would like to contribute. At each level, the recipient of your Band of Love gift will receive an email notification featuring a beautiful photograph of your species. (Make sure to fill out the eCard section below to select and personalize the eCard matching the species you are giving as a Band of Love. After your bird is banded (or horseshoe crab is tagged), your Bands of Love Gift recipient will receive a field report including the band number, the exact species and location, along a picture from that day's field work.

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IMPORTANT: Notify your recipient about your Band of Love gift through email

IMPORTANT: Scroll through the included eCards by clicking on the photos below to find the eCard matching the species you have chosen to give as a Band of Love (Snowy Owl, American Oystercatcher, Egret, Waterbird, Songbird, or Horseshoe Crab). Next, click on the "Add eCard:" link to personalize your eCard's message and schedule it to be sent to your Band of Love gift recipient at a specific date and time of your choosing or immediately after submitting your order. 

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