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Juniper and NSD Elton

My name is Juniper.  I have a service dog called NSD Elton.  I got Elton  on Friday  September 3O, 2O16.
He is a good boy.  We are a team.  He goes places that I might not want to go like to the dentist and the doctor and a birthday party and the grocery store and McDonalds.
He helps me feel better when he does “visit” and “over”.  I also lie on him.  I like to smoosh his face.  His ears are very soft.
Elton sleeps on my bed.  He makes me not so scared.  He helps me feel calm.  He feels heavy when he puts his head on me.  I like it.
Elton is my best friend!
* From Juniper’s mom, Erin:  
Since NSD Elton has joined our family we have been able to do things such as take short overnight family trips, have Juniper join a drama class and a karate class as well as take Juniper and Elton for presentations at her sister’s school to talk about how they work together.  Everyone is happier because of him!  Please consider making a donation to NSD.  These dogs truly are life changing!  






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