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Lawrence Christensen and NSD Lynx



I joined the military at age 18 and served for 28 years. During my service I deployed several times in support of United Nation Peacekeeping Missions and during the Gulf War and the War on Terrorism. Most often in not the best conditions. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD after struggling for the better part of 20 years alone and not even knowing what was wrong. I was released medically from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2009 and continued to struggle until my family rescued a dog, and several times she kept me grounded and made me feel ok. She passed a few years ago peacefully with my family and I in our front yard. I understand the benefit that a dog can have on my mental health and the mental health of my loved ones.

One of the biggest effects my PTSD has on my life and that of my family is that I am unable to be in places that are crowded or busy as it causes me extreme stress and anxiety. With NSD Lynx, Certified Service Dog for PTSD, by my side, I am now able to be a part of many family activities with my wife and more importantly my son; outings that I could only wish to be part of before Lynx joined our family.   

Please donate to National Service Dogs and help support NSD's mission to provide this wonderful life changing resource to people and families in need. 



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