Moving People From Poverty To Possibilities



Job Training

New Residents can find long term employment, economic independence and prosperity with their credentials, transferable skills and work experiance.



Safe Place to Sleep

Families can have shelter for up to 18 months with an outreach worker as they establish a plan to acheive their goals.



Where It's Needed Most

Your investment ensures local kids have the support from infancy to adulthood to be happy, healthy and successful. It also moves Central Albertans from poverty to lives of possibility and builds strong vibrant communities that are healthy for all residents.


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Thank you for your kind donation. You will be helping move people from poverty to possibilities.

Your generous gift will be used to create the greatest possible impact in the communities we serve. Each gift in our catalogue directly relates to a United Way investment. The dollar values associated are based on previous reporting. All donations made through the gift catalogue support programs in Central Alberta where they're needed the most. For more information on United Way's results please visit our website, where you can view our Annual Reports and Impact Statements.

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