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Now you can be a supporting member of the coolest space in town…

So you dig the Cohab vibe, but you haven't been able to convince your boss to let you move operations to 610 Commerce yet? Until she/he comes around to the idea, join the Cohab Coffee Club!


Cohab Coffee Club members get access to all kinds of cool perks at Cohab, all while helping to grow the local creative economy here in Shreveport Bossier.

Now about those perks... Cohab Coffee Club members get:


  • Free access to most Cohab Labs and other one-night classes, workshops, and seminars.
  • Special discounts for all CohabU classes.
  • One day a month to come and work (hangout) from our space (a $25 value all by its lonesome).
  • An exclusive invite to our members-only ”Coffee on the Patio" breakfast and networking events.
  • Your very own Cohab Coffee mug that allows you to stop by for coffee ANY TIME YOU WANT! (sorry... the caffeine got to us for a moment there)*
For $9.99 Per Month or $100.00 Per Year


Plus, you get to help us help make Shreveport-Bossier a better place. You can't beat that!

Sign up today!

* We encourage all new members stop by and meet us and pick up their coffee mug once they have joined the Coffee Club so we do not, by default, ship mugs to new members. If you are outside the Shreveport-Bossier area, please contact Jessica at 318-759-7997 to make shipping arrangements for your mug!

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