Across BC: Green Party candidates need your support. Sponor a candidate right now!

Thank you for your interest in the Green Party and for joining our provincial movement for change.


Thanks to our existing donations we are able to maintain our operations in between elections and plan for the provincial election in 2013.


Our ability to plan out our needs for the next election and ensure well in advance of the writ that our candidates have the materials they need will ensure that we run the most cost effective and impact full campaigns.

Please consider sponsoring a candidate in your region, or a candidate in another region.

Your generosity will help make a difference in the campaign of the candidate you sponsor and to the entire province. Should you decide to offer this generous gift we will assign you to a riding and when the candidate for that riding is confirmed we will send you a letter introducing you to the candidate you are sponsoring. Our goal is to start confirming candidate in mid-2011 and have all candidates confirmed by the end of 2011. Giving our candidates over a year to reach out to the communities they are running in.


Thank you!

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For a total donation of $1200 in one tax year the cost to you is $700. You will receive an income tax credit of $500.

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