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It's 6:30 in the morning and young - almost breathless girls are squealing with delight. No it’s not a package of dolls or new computer games that await them but the opportunity to be a part of YUMA. YUMA - an innovative and courageous centre for young girls located in one of the poorest places on earth - a tiny village in the state of Jharkdhand, India. Young girls who are often married off as child brides or sold off by their families into sex trafficking rings - illiterate, poor and vulnerable and have little or no opportunity to learn, to grow, to stop the deafening cycle of poverty and find the self-esteem and self-worth to change the monumental cultural world that they are born into.Through the development of formalized sports programs, coaching skills development, drill and skills improvement – these young girls learn to believe that they can be part of something bigger than themselves.

The young girls at YUMA learn to read, to write to interact with one another but find the greatest joy in participating in an intensive soccer program – competing, driving one another to be better, to excel. To learn skills of cooperation, self-reliance and self-belief. Commonwealth Games Canada's SportWORKS help create the framework for their transformation – to believe they can be who they aspire to be.

Since 2001 SportWORKS h as sent over 200 Canadian sport leaders - to make a difference and become different - in 30 Commonwealth countries, creating or enhancing 300 sport programs, like YUMA, enhancing the lives of 2 million Commonwealth youth.

"I realized how universal sport is and the amazing power it has to bring people together."

Ellen Kim, SportWORKS Offcer, Sri Lamka

Sport has the power to change lives!



Years, months, days and  endless minutes a re committed for o ne of the greatest opportunities of a lifetime – to compete at the highest levels of sport – to be tested against the best. The daily struggles, the sore muscles, the fatigue and sometimes painful losses, the Herculean effort that drives one to get up every morning and to keep pushing oneself, overcoming the many obstacles to be part of a bigger team, to be part of Team Canada .


Fully funding Canada’s athletes’ preparation and participation at the Commonwealth Games is expensive – from travel, to unifor ms, coac hing, medical services, equipment, and many other needs. G overnment and corporate funding helps but support from donors is essential to fully fund all of Ca nada’s best athletes to the C ommonwealth Games. Your donation helps provide a life changing opportunity for all those associated with it and help o ur athletes become role models for Canadian youth to aspire to!




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Please forward this link and donation opportunity to those that share your vision and want to support the tranformational power of sport.

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