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Help build a gateway to freedom - a place of blessing, freedom, and opportunity for survivors of human trafficking.

 What you are helping make possible:

  • Short-term care for women who have been trapped in exploitation, offering them the support they need in order to start new lives. This includes emergency medical services, counselling, reintegration services, and access to micro- loans and employment opportunities.

  • Long term care to build a strong foundation for healing as survivors reintegrate back into society. This includes community housing, counselling, social work, art therapy, educational opportunities and vocational training.

  • Community collaboration between government officials, police and other non-profit organizations – an integral part of rescuing survivors and preventing further abuse.

  • Increased capacity for our new men’s program to support, equip and empower male survivors of trafficking.

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Your gift will be used where it is most needed for the restoration of Cambodia.
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