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Ethan and Molly


Let’s help this family with funding for Ethan’s soon to be service dog. All funds raised go to Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs in Kingston.

Ethan is an energetic, funny loving 7 year old boy from the Brockville area, in southeastern Ontario who has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, DCD (developmental coordination disorder), SPD (sensory processing disorder, and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). Despite all of the challenges he has already encountered he has had some huge accomplishments. He loves construction trucks, transport trucks, going for hikes and spending cuddle time with his family. Thank you all so much for your continued support and love during this journey and be sure to check back for updates. You can also follow Ethan's journey on his Facebook page at

Ethan has been approved to receive an Autism Service Dog through Kingston 4 Paws. His new friend will help with his meltdowns and the anxiety that he has in some social settings. We hope that Ethan will not bolt and try to run away as he sometimes does now. He may also see some significant reductions in his stress levels caused by his sensory issues. The service dog will be trained to apply stabilizing pressure to Ethan when it senses he needs it. The service dog will be able to go everywhere with him offering a constant sense of security, independence, companionship and unconditional love.  The cost of training a service dog is more than $20,000.00. Kingston 4 Paws does not require us to pay anything towards this. However, we have been holding fundraising events as our contribution to this goal.  So far we have raised more than $10,000 from these activities!

So come along for the ride and watch the journey unfold for this little boy whose dream is to have a best friend. 

Thank you all for your support.


Ethan’s Mom wrote in June 2015:

“What an amazing time Ethan had with Molly over the weekend. Saturday, Molly came to our home for a visit for the first time. Ethan had a great time showing her his room and the toys he has here for her when she comes stay.

On Sunday we took Ethan, again with Molly, and Samantha (her trainer from Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs) to Upper Canada Village for their first outing. Ethan does not do well at large events. We don't generally attend them with him. This was a true test of how things will hopefully be for him in the future. What an amazing time we all had. Ethan did so well with Molly at his side. We saw no signs of his anxiety. He was calm, spoke to people and much more. My heart swelled and I wanted to burst from all the emotions I was feeling watching my little boy. He would usually has stayed inside, but not this day. He was everywhere and he remained as long as Molly was at his side. I now see fully what she will do for Ethan once she is in our home. The sky will be the limit for them and Ethan will do nothing but thrive and move ahead.

Please continue to share Ethan's story, and thank you once again for your continued support and love along this amazing life changing journey for Ethan.”


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