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 Isabelle and Rosie


Some Angels have wings, Others have paws.

Please help us reach our goal of raising the $20,000 needed to provide a service dog for 8 year old Isabelle. She suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and an Anxiety Disorder – conditions that severely impact all aspects of her everyday life. SPD is a neurological disorder that causes difficulties with processing information from the five senses. Things that we take for granted, such as putting on clothes, are very uncomfortable and even painful to Isabelle; subsequently turning an everyday event such as getting dressed into a stressful and time consuming process. Her sensitivity to noise makes taking part in activities such as birthday parties, sporting events, field trips and school very challenging and often impossible. For Isabelle, SPD and anxiety are daily obstacles. Life outside the safety of her home is filled with stress, fear and discomfort as her senses are constantly being assaulted by everyday noises and experiences that for most of us, are completely commonplace.

In Isabelle’s challenging world there is one thing that can always help her, a beautiful Chocolate Labrador service dog in training named Rosie. Rosie is still in training but every time Isabelle interacts with her, you can clearly see the change in her and the joy in her eyes. Words cannot properly express the amazing impact Rosie has on Isabelle and how lucky we feel to have Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs as part of our lives.

Rosie, is her best friend, helping her through these challenges. Please help make this dream come true and support Kingston 4 Paws and Isabelle!         


Meaghan and Paul


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