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My name is Ady and I am in my 20s now. I came to Canada many years ago hoping that I will find help with my extreme anxiety and strange behaviour. My mom promised that we will find our way to social integration.

I am interested in computers and technological devices. I am fascinated by new technology and musical instruments. I have a collections of watches. Time is important to me. I need to follow a schedule and to have structure in my life. I cannot handle waiting times and changes in my program. I like traveling, airports, seas, oceans. I’m good with maps, directions and locations.

I like movies, usually cartoons and I am passionate about the Avengers. Everything behind the screen is interesting and possible! But my real life is difficult due to my worries and the pressure of unexpected changes that make me nervous. I can’t deal with certain smells, specific noises, textures, crowded places. Sometimes, when excited, I have self-stimulatory behaviours, including hand flapping and jumping. People look at me with disgust and I know these are not desirable habits, but I have a hard time controlling them. Sometimes I talk to myself to clarify my thoughts and fears. I still need assistance in developing community living skills, including public transport and personal safety.

For my first 10-12 years of life I was completely phobic of furry animals. I had panic attacks even if seeing a cat in a window! I followed a complicated “gradual exposure” treatment for many years. You will not believe it, but I have a cat and a dog now.

My mom read somewhere that there are service dogs. If I would have such a buddy I will never be alone with all my fears again. This trained dog could take me out of my world and help me better integrated into other people’s worlds.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Please support Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs and help me obtain my dream buddy!







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