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My name is Sophie. I’m diagnosed with chronic Depression and Anxiety, largely as a result of severe physical & social bullying through elementary and middle school, although there is also family history of mental illness. Throughout high school I had multiple hospital stays during which time I made several attempts on my life, of which I am now grateful didn't succeed.

I was fortunate to participate in various support programs, but I still struggle to even try to do any of things regular 22 year old's can. I feel out of control in my life and guilty for how much I need to rely on others. My hope is that with a service dog I will be able to regain perspective and control rather than being house bound and afraid to venture out alone.

I've been around animals a lot in my life and have always loved them and found them helpful.  They don't care how ‘weird’ or ‘different’ someone is; they don’t judge you but just love you as you are. My doctor suggested a service dog could help me regain the confidence to accept myself and get on with life in a way I haven't been able to on my own. They would help me with my freedom and independence and when I suffer from trauma related nightmares the service dog would be there for me. I am extremely grateful to all those within Kingston 4 Paws for accepting my application in this program. I feel hopeful and am looking forward to the future with a furry friend beside me. I am grateful I am alive and looking forward to the future for the first time in many years.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I pray you're looking forward to exciting things in your own future. Anything you can donate to help my fund for a service dog would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping me and Kingston 4 Paws to be able to afford my future service dog friend.



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