YouthCO donors make a huge difference for our organization!

Donations help us provide financial supports directly to youth living with HIV and Hep C, and to extend our peer education and peer support programs to more youth in British Columbia. If you'd like to chat more about how we use donations, or connect about a specific opportunity, please do get in touch!

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All of this information is collected as per YouthCO's Privacy Policy. We recognize some of the information we are required to collect enforces systems of oppression, including colonization. To the best of our ability, we limit the collection and use of this information to what is required by law.

This section gives us information we will use to thank you for your donation and contact you about our work at YouthCO. We do not require your legal name for these purposes.

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Our tax receipts are issued in the name of the credit card holder. 

In the case of a corporate gift: please include your name and company name as it appears on your company credit card – e.g. Sandra Smith, ABC Company.

If you are making the donation on behalf of another person or a group fundraising effort, or you need a tax receipt issued in a different name than the credit card you are using to process it, please get in touch with us so we can process your donation appropriately.

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Electronic tax receipts are sent immediately for one-time gifts. Recurring donors receive one combined tax receipt after the end of the calendar year. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, by making this gift I confirm that I am the true donor (i.e. this gift is being made by me and NOT on behalf of another person).

Thank you for supporting YouthCO HIV & Hep C Society!

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