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We rely on donations from individual donors like you to keep the doors open and programs going. You know, we need you to help change the world.

8 reasons to donate to Dogwood

1) You need a megaphone
We multiple your voice by 96,000 and team it up with our growing supporter base to stop oil tanker expansion plans for B.C.’s coast, support sustainable regional planning and expose the impacts of coal mining.

2)   You don’t have that technology-savvy young cousin to show you the ropes
We Tweet, Facebook, make videos, pull Loonie stunts and actually know what Google Analytics does. We know how to use technology to make sure the right message is getting to the right people. And yes, we can tell if you opened our last email.

3)   You need a seat at the table
You may not be able to get into those closed-door meetings with government officials, First Nations, community groups and corporations, but our staff are at the table advocating on your behalf.

4)   Your letter to the editor didn’t get published
But your thoughts and ideas were echoed in a quote from Dogwood’s campaigners in the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, the Tyee and on CBC. You can count on us to comment on the issues of the day through media releases, interviews and blogs.

5)   You don't pull punches - and neither do we
We say what we mean and mean what we say, and that gets results.

6)   We target root problems
You're concerned about climate change and want to protect our coast, our forest and our farmlands, but you know we can't win this on a campaign by campaign basis. We work on the fundamental issues that will accelerate a change in how decisions are made in B.C.

7)  You want change
Dogwood excels at pinpointing the places British Columbians can have the most impact and then giving our supporters ways to take action.

8)   It’s more fun to work together
You’re not alone in wanting to stop oil tanker expansion plans for B.C.’s coast or stemming the tide of urban sprawl. You and thousands of other British Columbians have a vision of a province that protects its natural resources and manages them for the benefit of future generations. You can’t make it happen alone and we can’t make change happen without you.

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