Editors BC April meeting: Boundaries and Consent: Say No to Burnout

Boundaries and Consent: Say No to Burnout  

When:  Wednesday, April 19, 7:30 to 8:30 pm PDT

Where: Online through Zoom

Cost:    Editors Canada members, free; non-members, $10; student non-members, $5


What do YES and NO feel like? It's a simple question…but can you answer it? This session dives into the experience of consent/boundaries and what it means for editor-client relationships.

The session will be interactive (to the extent that you’re comfortable), trauma-informed, and neurodivergent-friendly. It will include exercises to help you discern what YES and NO feel like to you and what questions to ask when assessing consent. You will learn how to create space within interactions so you can ask for what you want—and refuse what you don’t want—while protecting your wellbeing. You’ll also experience the idea of consent and boundaries as physical sensations, which can help chronically busy people learn how to stop before they burn out.

Kyra Nabeta learned at a young age to manage social awkwardness by just working harder. While it was great for her resumé, this also led to a life of perfectionism, overachieving, and caretaking. After a spectacular burnout in 2016, she started looking for a better way to manage social interactions without compromising her needs. She’s now happy to use her vat of experience as a trauma-resilience instructor, mariner, academic, spinster, neurodivergent, athlete, masseuse, and recovering workaholic to help others avoid the same fate. (And yes, she’s also an editor.)

Note: Editors BC will record this meeting. Editors Canada members can view the recording for 30 days by logging in to the Editors Canada website and going to the Editors BC Branch page.

Date & Time: Apr 19, 2023 07:30 PM to
Apr 19, 2023 08:30 PM
[America/Vancouver UTC -8]


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