2018 Brain Training for Ski Racing
Brain Training for Ski Racing Workshops
Natalie Robichaud, MA
Sports Psychology
Does your child have trouble focusing? Are competition jitters proving to be too much? Uneven performances and spiraling emotions? Is there a mental plan in place for race day?
More and more, we are learning that what we think about, we bring about. We know our thoughts contribute to what appears in our experience. We must look inward to cleanse, strengthen, and energize our thoughts, ensuring the healthiest and happiest of outcomes – both in the sporting world, and life in general.
As a former high level ski racer, Natalie understands what it takes to succeed—both physically and mentally. Now, as a mental coach, her years of experience and education are combined to contribute tremendous value to the lives of young athletes looking to excel in their chosen sport.
Young athletes will be equipped with powerful mental strategies and techniques for use leading up to, during, and after each performance.
Natalie’s coaching program offers a solid pre-competition plan with tools to help athletes achieve consistent success instead of simply showing up and ‘hoping for the best’. Athletes will head into events knowing they are prepared and feeling on top of their physical and mental condition.
During a competition, Natalie’s tools teach kids how to handle themselves with confidence if their performance falls short of expectations—instead of feeling stuck, defeated, and playing the blame game. Your child will develop thought processes which promote quick mental recovery and inspire motivation to continue.
Post-event assessment tools teach athletes how to positively self-critique and reframe with enthusiasm for next time.
Guiding our children to use their thoughts to affect their experience is the greatest gift we can offer. Bringing Natalie into your child’s team—either at home or in the club—ensures increased confidence, enthusiasm, motivation and success!
Program Outline
Two group sessions over the course of the season per age category.
Feb 17 – U10/U12 first session. 3:15PM Skyline Race Trailer
March 10 – U10/U12 second session. 3:15PM Skyline Race Trailer
Sessions will run approximately 1 hour.
The first session will cover mental training tools such as imagery, mood management, pre-competition plans, and goal setting. Exposure to new mental training tools and the opportunity to develop their own mental training plans are take aways of this first session.   
We'll also discuss, challenges, highlights and lessons learned after a few races so racers can course correct their mental training plans and share with peers.
We’ll also be looking towards next season with the objective of putting in a place a solid mental training plan based on this season’s results.
Investment: $15 per athlete/session.
Parents and coaches are required to attend group sessions as they are part of the plan to help their racers.
Total parent investment for the season: $30 per athlete. 

Here are what some of my clients have said about my services:

“Natalie has been a key factor in my ski racing success. She has taught me so much about the mental side of skiing and its importance. She has helped me overcome challenges I could not have overcome alone and has taught me many important life lessons.” Lauren D.

“Working with Natalie in the last season has made me feel prepared for the mental games of ski racing. I’ve learnt techniques that helped me throughout my athletic career and make a sound base for other challenges in my life. Natalie was essential in the completion of my most successful season racing.”

“ Most ski racers don’t understand how certain skills will help their skiing until the skills are applied. Learning skills such as imagery, preparation and pre-competition routines play a major part in your race day mental status. One of the most useful techniques I used was imagery, your body can react quicker if you know what is ahead of you, being on top of your turn and your ideal line is fast.” Trent B.

“Working with Natalie has helped change my entire approach to ski racing. I think about things I never would have noticed before. You have helped me improve my mental game in ski racing so much! I use visualization a lot to help imporve off and on the hill. I’m much better about setting goals and putting the right things in place to achieve them. I definitely look on the more positive side of things in ski racing and don’t let negative energy get the best of me.” Perry S.

Date & Time: Feb 17, 2018 12:00 AM to
Mar 10, 2018 11:59 PM
[America/Toronto UTC -5]


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Location: Camp Fortune
Skyline Race Trailer
300 Chemin Dunlop

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Registration Closes: May 12, 2018 11:59 PM

Event Coordinator:

Patrick Biggs
 Registration Fees
U10/U12 Price
U10/U12 Workshop (2 sessions)  
U10/U12 1 day workshop Feb 17 (for those that can not attend both)  

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