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2023 Webinar Series - building a customer service strategy
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2023 Webinars


It doesn’t matter how great your product is: If your customer service is poor, people will complain about it, and you’ll lose customers.


The good news: It’s not impossible to turn things around. Transforming your customer service from mediocre to great won't happen overnight, though. It requires a serious commitment to meaningful change, a team of rockstar support professionals, and work across the entire organization.




Emotional Intelligence


Tuesday, August 15 - 9 am to 12 noon 



  • Assess personal Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • List the characteristics that make up EI
  • Identify gaps in your own EI
  • Recognize myths and realities of Emotional Intelligence
  • Describe how thoughts, feelings, and behavior relate to EI


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork


Wednesday, September 13 - 9 am to 12 noon 



  • Teams vs groups
  • Benefits of teams
  • Stages of team development
  • Improving self awareness
  • Reducing conflict, improving productivity


Boosting your Social Intelligence


Tuesday, October 24 - 9 am to 12 noon 



  • Explore Social IQ and Emotional IQ
  • Assess ability to read body language
  • Discover how empathy impacts social IQ
  • Take another’s perspective concerning to situations, learn from past experiences
  • Apply learning to the changes in social interactions


What's Empathy got to DO with it


Friday, November 17 - 9 am to 12 noon  



  • How to work with your thinking and feeling muscles
  • Define empathy
  • Using empathy
  • Can we teach empathy
  • How does empathy fit with trust
  • The HOW of empathy


The 3M's


Tuesday, December 5 - 9 am to 12 noon     



  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • Time management              



Individual Member pricing:

  • $69 - per webinar
  • $600 – attend all 12 webinars


Individual Non-member pricing:

  • $129 – per webinar


Member Group Pricing:


Is your team looking for a group pricing structure to attend our 2023 Webinar series?

  • Attend all 12 webinars for a group member pricing of $4000. Your group size should not exceed 10 team members per webinar.
  • Attend 6 webinars for a group member pricing of $2500. Your group size should not exceed 10 team members per webinar.


For other pricing options, contact the MCCA office at

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