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As a horticultural, educational and charitable organization, Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) is proud to open its 17 innovative, city-sized gardens to the public free of charge year-round. Their purpose is to inspire homeowners with beautiful, environmentally sound and habitat-friendly plantings they can replicate. We work hard to make everyone welcome, and are so pleased that more and more families from all cultures and walks of life are discovering “their” special garden—especially in these financially challenging times.
On top of this, tens of thousands of adults and children participate in hundreds of programs, courses, lectures and seminars on horticulture, urban farming, garden design, botanical art, the environment and many others. In addition to curriculum-based programs for children, developed in tandem with the TDSB and the TDCSB, we also offer special, fully subsidized camps and programs for high-needs children from priority neighbourhoods. We’d like to offer more spaces, but…
 We Need Your Generous Support to Keep these Wonderful Gardens and Programs Running at such a High Level.
Here’s How You Can Help Today:
Even in a good year, we must find a way to raise more than 95 per cent of our operating funds without government support. This year that task is more daunting than ever. Perhaps because our gardens are so lovely and so much is going on here all the time, people think we must be awash in cash. We only wish it were so. For our part, we are being mindful in everything we do, and are saving money wherever and however we can. But we sure could use some extra support right now.

Won’t you please consider including a gift to Toronto Botanical Garden to help ensure that the TBG can continue to be a resource for all things horticultural, educational and environmental in the years to come?


Please click on Donate Now! to make your donation or call Andrew McKay - 416-397-1483. Every gift of $10 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. 

Toronto Botanical Garden is a charitable organization BN119227486 RR0001. 


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