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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are nothing new, rather have been in-existence from decades now. Hackers have been using bots to flood target networks with an overwhelming amount of traffic—so much, in fact, that the target servers often shut down. However, because of their unique ability to cripple system resources, DDoS attacks today are virtually never launched to just shut down a network. Instead, they are used as a way to divert attention from secondary attacks—creating the perfect environment for cyber criminals to penetrate a network undetected and engage in malicious activities such as data ex-filtration, injection of ransomware, or even physical attacks.

In order to give the complete context and a right strategy to mitigate the DDoS attacks, the session has been covered in three parts. First part will give the understanding of the current landscape and the global DDoS attack trend. Second session will further focus on protection mechanisms and elaborating as to why Plug ‘n play technologies simply cannot mitigate this level of risk; a more proactive approach to DDoS prevention is needed. The session will cover the various protection mechanism with its nuisances.

Last part of the session will touch upon the auditing; with new evolutions in technology, DDoS attacks are expected to transform using the capabilities of devices and sensors, which are connected to the internet. Now, the audit capability across the environment, especially given:

  • the potential for abuse,

  • the separation of various channels and the control over entire infrastructure with discrete APIs and libraries handling the intelligent infrastructure

Hence, it becomes necessary for any organization to have focused approach, custom framework and strategy in place to mitigate DDoS threat landscape.


Session Presenter:

Vinay Puri is a National Director with Deloitte in Toronto, who has two decades of experience in Cyber Security helping clients in financial services, retail, insurance as well as other sectors. To that end, Vinay is a part of the Cyber leadership team at Deloitte’s Cyber Risk practice who leads cybersecurity teams in designing, building, and managing infrastructure security, agile enterprise security for digital platforms, security services, application security, incident management, and DDoS protection.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Vinay served in the defense services and worked for the United States Department of Defense. Vinay is a master in Computer Science and Information Warfare from the Naval Postgraduate School, operated by the Department of Defense, United States. Vinay holds numerous certificates in the Information Security domain, including three niche certifications, which are exclusively awarded to military professionals.



Date & Time: Feb 20, 2018 01:00 PM to
Feb 20, 2018 04:30 PM
[America/Toronto UTC -5]


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Location: Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre
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