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Adath Israel 2019 Security Contribution


In our continued effort to improve and optimize Adath Israel’s security - and to protect our members, schoolchildren and guests - Adath Israel’s Board of Governors is requesting a one-time security contribution as a tax deductible donation of $27 for Singles & $54 for Families, due August 16th.   


Following the synagogue tragedies in Pittsburgh, PA and Poway, CA over the last 8 months, Adath Israel has re-evaluated its entire security program in collaboration with security experts at UJA Federation and with private security consultants.  We acknowledge the need to address gaps related to security equipment and training so our members, schoolchildren and guests are protected.   

For details about our Security strategy and key initiatives, please click here

Why are we asking for an additional security contribution?

Several important security initiatives are being completed in 2019 as part of our long term plan.  However, we still have gaps should an intruder gain access to our building - particularly in prime gathering areas like the chapel, school wing, office and rental halls - placing the safety of Adath Israel members, children and visitors at risk. 

Funds generated from this security contribution will help address the next phase of high priority gathering areas for completion by year-end, especially the chapel, school wing and library.

Is this contribution considered a tax deductible donation?

Yes, this is a donation and it is fully tax deductible. You are welcome to increase your donation to help us complete this important initiative. Please contact the office should you wish to make an additional contribution.

What is the payment deadline and when will the work begin?

The payment deadline is August 16, 2019.   We plan to start installation after the Chagim with targeted completion in December.

How can I make my donation?

You may pay directly online by clicking the blue payment button  below.  Or you may drop off or mail a cheque, whatever is easier for you.

If I have questions, whom may I contact? 

For more information about our Security Plan, you may contact Executive Director, Phil David, using the contact details below. 


Thank you very much for your support. 

Marilyn Sherman, President, Adath Israel Congregation

Joey Sadofsky, Committee Chair, Security & Decorum

Phil David, Executive Director, Email: 

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