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1000 Women Virtual Fundraising Luncheon

1000 Women Virtual Fundraising Luncheon - June 3, 2020

Join the 1000 Women committee and NorQuest College for a virtual luncheon experience. Dress up or dress down, break out the nice china or the paper plates. Enjoy a beautifully catered lunch or a glass of wine while you sit back and enjoy our 11th Annual Fundraising Luncheon.

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11:45AM        Check in to the virtual luncheon on Hopin

Log into the luncheon event via the Hopin event link and password included in your confirmation email (please ensure you’ve made a personal account here). Turn on your camera / mic and select any of the numbered “tables” to be seated. Reserved tables will be named for those who have sponsored a table of 10. Introduce yourself to the other guests at your table. Enjoy your meal and mingle!

12:00PM        Program Begins

Welcome to the stage our lovely host Jennifer Crosby of Global Edmonton who will kick off our event, be sure to say hello to her in the chat box.

12:05PM        Experience Rooms

Join one of our presenters for a 30-minute experience (or hop around to sample each). For those not interested in checking out a room, feel free to continue chatting at your table or use the networking roulette feature which will randomly match you with others in the room looking to make new connections, or just say hello to familiar faces. This feature will allow you to chat one-on-one for a minimum of 30 seconds up to a maximum of 2 minutes. Please check out our expo area where you will find more information about our amazing supporters and a booth ready to accept your donation.

Paul Plakas – Nutrition, Fitness and Q&A

"How to be lean, fit and pain free in the 21st century"

Focusing on obstacles that prevent people from making smart choices when it comes to eating and how to overcome them. Paul will discuss what the best use of your time is when it comes to exercising, making every minute count, and how it is beneficial to long term independence. Many people have pain in their body. Paul will discuss why it may exist and the corrective exercises you can do to prevent it.

Lars Calleiou – Comedian

'If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete'.

With this 30 minute comedy show, I want to make you laugh, and remind you to be kind to yourself. We extend forgiveness and kindness to most people in our lives, but we forget to allow ourselves the same opportunity for hope and redemption. If you made it through today, you are doing ok. You do not need to learn a language, read books or spend hours working out. While all of those things are great, you do not have to accomplish 'everything', just making it through the day and being kind to others (and yourself) is 'enough'. That in and of itself is an accomplishment.

Jennifer McConaghy - Life Preloved

Creating a lifestyle and subsequently a business around fashion sustainability wouldn’t be a path most would know how to embark on. For Jennifer McConaghy, the owner of Life Preloved, the company started as a simple Instagram account to promote thrifting at a time when it was still deemed as taboo. It eventually lead her to the path of entrepreneurship, selling secondhand garments in a new realm of working with local businesses instead of the traditional brick and mortar. The secondhand industry opened a new discovery of the impacts of fashion that is relatively unseen in the developed world. The documentary, The True Cost and volunteering with Fashion Revolution, allowed Jennifer to know she was doing the work she always wanted to do mixing her interest for humanitarianism and social justice with fashion and her passion for sharing stories and connecting community in new ways. In 2019, Jennifer partnered to create The Wardrobe Exchange, an upscale secondhand selling event that had over 1000 guests attend two inaugural events as well as five unique Clothing Swaps that have transformed the community to dispose of and obtain quality clothing in impactful ways. In 2020, Jennifer branded her clothing swaps as Swap Studio, a local event working with forward thinking businesses and brands with circular fashion as the community connector. As a lifetime introvert, sharing the story of clothing has allowed her to speak and lead with quiet confidence and become a person to be inspired from in Edmonton.


12:35 PM       Return to the stage for the remainder of our program

1:00PM          That’s a wrap!

Our formal program is complete but feel free to try out networking roulette feature, which will randomly match you with others in the room looking to make new connections or say hello to familiar ones. This feature will allow you to chat one on one for up to 2 minutes.  If you get a chance please check out our expo area where you will find more information about our amazing donors and supporters.

Please note schedule is tentative and subject to change

This event will be recorded.  Please see our waiver on the next page.




This event is set up through Hopin, does this mean I have to make an account?

Yes, you will need to make an account with Hopin. We’ll send you the link to do so in your confirmation email!  You can make your account at any time before the event so you’re ready to go on June 3!  

I forgot the password to my Hopin account, now what?

You can reset your password via Hopin. Just follow the link in your registration confirmation email and follow the steps on Hopin.

I forgot my password to get into the event. Now what?

The password to this exclusive event can be found in your confirmation email. If you no longer have that email please contact 1000women@norquest.ca for assistance.

Can I log into the event with my phone or do I need to be on a PC?

We usually recommend attending the events through your laptop/pc as we don't guarantee it will work on mobile.

Please Note: Hopin requires recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.

I am no longer able to attend the event, what should I do?

All tickets sales are final.  Those who purchased meals will still receive meal delivery at the time you selected. If you are not available, you can contact 1000women@norquest.ca to transfer your ticket and meal delivery to another person. The meal will be what you originally selected. You may also contact us if you would rather donate your ticket and meal delivery to a student.

Do I need to live in Edmonton to attend?

Guests can log in from anywhere! Just be mindful of time zone differences

What should I wear?

Whatever you want! Some people will get fancy and others might log in wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Will people see into my space when I log in or is there a screen backdrop I can pick from?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a backdrop option for guests so you might want to pick your laundry off the floor (or not) Have fun and decorate your space for the occasion!

If both my partner and I want to attend, do we each need to purchase a ticket?

If you are sharing a computer screen you only need to purchase one ticket, if you plan on logging in at different locations you will require a second ticket.

Can I sit with my friends?

The table portion of the event will be from 11:45 –12PM. You can “sit” with your friends if you chat on your own to choose the same table to sit at (they will be numbered and open to anyone). If you have sponsored a table, we will reserve a named table specifically for you and your guests.

How many people will be at my table?

Tables will accommodate 10 spots however; each seat may have up to 2 guests sharing a screen.

Can I bring my kids?

The luncheon is targeted to adults however, we do not mind if your kids make an appearance at your seat!


Thank you  for joining us at the  1000 Women Virtual Luncheon

Whether you are a donor or a sponsor, you are a Difference Maker to the students of NorQuest, your community and beyond.  Your contribution will support students as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

Please select how you would like to participate at this year's event and follow the steps to register.

Questions? Email 1000women@norquest.ca.


Date & Time: Jun 03, 2020 11:45 AM to
Jun 03, 2020 01:30 PM
[America/Edmonton UTC -7]


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