Copy Editing Test Preparation Guide
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Copy Editing Test Preparation Guide [pdf and e-test in Word]

Editors Canada Professional Certification Program

Editors Canada, ISBN 978-1-987998-10-8 (2017) 238 pages, 8.5 X 11, $70+HST

 The Copy Editing Test Preparation Guide is the primary resource for anyone who wants to become a Certified Copy Editor. Whether you use this guide for independent study or in a workshop setting, you will learn more about the knowledge, skills and judgment required to earn your Certified Copy Editor credential. The guide includes the following valuable content:

  • Overview of Editors Canada professional certification program
  • Introduction to the Copy Editing test and advice on how to use the test preparation guide
  • Advice on how to prepare for the test, including study resources, preparation tips from certified copy editors, and a preparation checklist
  • A copy editing practice test as a Word file for you to try
  • An answer key and a blank marking sheet, so you can mark your practice test and assess your performance
  • Two completed practice tests and corresponding marking sheets: one showing the work of a successful candidate, and the other showing the work of an unsuccessful candidate
  • Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards (2016), the standards document used as a basis for the tests
  • Editors Canada’s Certification Policy and Certification Procedures, the documents governing test development and administration

Test preparation guides are in PDF format, with a downloadable practice test in Word. They may be downloaded and accessed on multiple computers, smart phones and tablets. Once purchased, they are not refundable. 

You will receive this guide as a Dropbox link within 3 business days of purchase.

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