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Since November 12, 1996 the Environmental Law Centre, a registered charitable organization, has offered the ENVIRONMENTAL ENFORCEMENT HISTORICAL SEARCH SERVICE. This search service is a valuable source of information for anyone involved in:


  • an environmental assessment or audit,
  • the purchase, sale, development or financing of land with potential environmental concerns,
  • a due diligence investigation respecting the purchase, sale or financing of a business with potential environmental concerns,
  • an environmental regulatory hearing,
  • the defense of an environmental prosecution, or
  • research on environmental law enforcement.

The Environmental Law Centre will prepare specialized research reports (such as: all prosecutions since 1993) for $50. For reports longer than 10 pages, an additional charge of $1 per additional page will be levied. For more information, contact Search Services.

Actual copies of orders are available from the Environmental Law Centre.


With each search you will receive:

  • the name of the company or individual subject to the enforcement action, including co-accused, if any;
  • the date of the enforcement action, except for prosecutions where you will be given the decision date, and for administrative penalties, the date when the penalty was paid or the date it was due (30 days after issuance), whichever is sooner;
  • the type of enforcement action taken. This could include any one of the following:
    - Ticket
    - Prosecution
    - Administrative Penalty
    - Warning
    - Enforcement Order
    - Enforcement Order Concerning Waste
    - Environmental Protection Order
    - Emergency Environmental Protection Order
    - Emission Control Order
    - Chemical Control Order
    - Water Management Order
    - Water Quality Control Order
    - Stop Order
  • the amount of the penalty, if any;
  • the location of the event giving rise to the enforcement action. In most cases, this is the municipality, and in some instances, a legal description of land will be included; and
  • brief comments on the enforcement action.

Not included is information on clean up orders under the Litter Act or Environmental Protection Orders respecting unsightly property under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act. These may be available from the local municipality.





CRA Charitable Registration Number: #11890 0679 RR0001