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Item: Trail Rider Rentals

The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program has recently purchased two Trail Riders.  The Trail Riders will allow people of all abilities to explore Whistler’s beautiful hiking trails as well as allow the entire family to enjoy a sport together.

Trail Rider Guided Hike     $30.00 


For item 1:
Emergency contact details (please list home phone and relationship):
Address and phone while staying in Whistler:
Medical Informatinon - Allergies:
    Food Allergies
    Medication Allergies
Medical Information: Is there any medical reason why using a Trail Rider may affect your physical health?
* Have you had a recent (less than 2 years old) spinal injury?
Have you been advised by a medial professional not to participate in sports?
Please list any prescription medications you are currently taking. Name of Medication - Time Schedule and Dosage - Purpose
Medical history Do you have a history of any of the following?
Type of disability:
How long have you had the disability:
Describe any limitations that may affect any of the following: Mobility, Visual abilities, Hearing abilities, Communication, Comprehension, Endurance:
What are your goals and expectations for your Trail Rider experience:
Please list date(s) you would like to book

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