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Item: Mulch (Currently sold out of Compost and Woodchips for 2022).
    • Application for Bids to purchase Compost Yard Product is no longer applicable. Business wanting to purchase Compost Yard Product will purchase tickets online.
    • Tickets can be purchased starting in March each year, and are available throughout the season.
    • Tickets can be redeemed until the annual supply of product is exhausted. No Refunds.
    • Tickets can be purchased in denominations of 50 cubic yards, 100 cubic yards; 150 cubic yards; 200 cubic yards; 250 cubic yards; or 300 cubic yards. However, the City retains the right to limit quantities.
    • Quantities less than 50 cubic yards can be purchased (at the time of pick up) at the compost yard using debit or credit card only.
    • Purchased tickets are submitted to the Compost Yard Gate Attendant at the time of product pick up, and are redeemed for the pre-purchased product. Please ensure to redeem only the amount of product picked up in the SAME day. (Redemption of pre-paid tickets will not be carried over into subsequent days).
    • Rates will be in accordance with the Fees for Services, unless otherwise approved by the City.
    • No holding/storing product; no promised product and/or price holding provided by the City.
    • Contractors must make their own pick up arrangements. Loading will be provided by the City. The Loader Operator is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Loading of purchased product must be completed by 3:00 pm – please plan accordingly.
    • Notify the compost yard via email ( ) at least 24 hours in advance of pick up and provide:

    o   Notification must be in an email, with “Product pick-up” in the subject line.

    o   A contact name and phone number.

    o   The quantity to be picked up.

    o   The preferred day(s) to pick up product.

    o   The truck company that will be picking up the product on your behalf.

    Note: Due to ongoing operational activities in progress at the compost yard, your preferred date(s) of product pick up may be re-scheduled by the City. You will receive an email to re-establish date of product pick up, if applicable.

    You will receive a “confirmation” email in response to your request.
50 Cubic Yards     $945.00 
100 Cubic Yards     $1,890.00 
150 Cubic Yards     $2,835.00 
200 Cubic Yards     $3,780.00 
250 Cubic Yards     $4,725.00 
300 Cubic Yards     $5,670.00 
500 Cubic Yards     $9,450.00 


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  Woodchips - Currently unavailable
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