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Item: Short-Term Accommodations Business Licence Payment

 The Short-Term Accommodations additional information can be found at


Please confirm all information below is included prior to submission and email all documentation to


  • Parking Management Plan, that complies with the Zoning By-Law and which outlines where all of the parking spaces shall be located and the dimensions of those parking spaces.

  • Floor Plan of the STA location that identifies the following:

  • All rooms, spaces and common areas.

  • How each room, space or common area shall be used, specifically indicating where all guest rooms will be located

  • The maximum number of guest rooms available for rent is three, and each Guest Room has a maximum occupancy of four persons.

  • The dimension of all rooms, spaces or common areas.

  • Owner Authorization: Proof of ownership or authorization from the owner of the property on which the STA is situated, if located in a residential zone. Tenants will need to provide a written letter of authorization from the home owner(s) to act on their behalf.

  • Principle Resident: Proof that the property on which the STA is situated, is the principle residence of the applicant, if located in a residential zone.

  • Complete application , including sworn declaration, signed, and dated.


Application Fee - non refundable     $273.65 


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