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How do I view HTML summary of membership orders?
You can view the list of members associated with a membership as an HTML summary report, as well as, an individual membership order profile.

To view a detailed report containing all member information in a single report, it is better to view the Excel spreadsheet reports
  1. From the Reports section of the Membership menu, choose Reports.
  2. Select the Membership Name from the drop down menu
  3. Click the Printer-friendly HTML report icon next to the Total Orders report.
  4. To view the details of a specific member's Order Profile, click the Order ID number next to the name of the member. See the tip below to print a copy for your member's records.
Need to print or email an Order Profile?
  • You can print a specific member's Order Profile by using your browser's print function, and mail the paper copy to the member.
  • Depending on your computer’s software, you may be able to save the document as a file (using Microsoft XS Document Writer, Adobe PDF Writer, etc), which you can then attach to an email. Just try clicking print on your browser and see if you have any ‘print to file’ options. All email addresses can be found in the reports section for manual sending.
  • Note: You cannot simply include the link to this page in an email, as the page is password-protected and cannot be viewed without logging into your GiftTool account.

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