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How do I modify the CSS used for memberships?
A Cascading Style Sheet (.CSS) file determines the look and feel of the pages. The CSS settings affect page elements such as font families, sizes, and colors of text and tables, of links (new and visited), and page colors.

Instead of designing each HTML page separately, a single CSS file acts as a "reference" file that gets checked by each HTML file, and tells all the other pages how they should display the various elements. To see how a CSS file can change the look of an HTML page, visit the CSS ZenGarden site.

Adjusting CSS files is rather complex, and has far-reaching effects. For this reason, GiftTool strongly recommends that only experienced Web developers attempt to modify these styles. However, with proper use of the CSS file, your organization can strengthen its brand, or create a unique look that is in keeping with the spirit of the site.

To modify the CSS:  (recommended for advanced HTML users only)
  1. Click Membership to view the main menu of this service.
  2. From the General Settings section, click Membership Stylesheet
  3. Select the Stylesheet file, if you have more than one template setup for this service.
    • Version 1 will be listed as "v1\gtMembership.css"
    • If you have additional template versions, Version 2+ will be listed as "v2\gtMembership.css", etc.
  4. Make your modifications. 
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

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