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Can I change the menu bar at the top of my Pledge-a-thon pages?

Although the names of the navigation links located in the menu bar across the top of your Pledge-a-thon pages cannot be changed, the bar can be hidden completely. The GiftTool navigation link includes links for Description | Register Now | Sponsor a Participant | Login.

Instead, you can incorporate these links into your own template design.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ask your web designer to build a page design that includes your Pledge-a-thon links (Description, Register Now, View Teams, Sponsor a Participant, or Login) along with any other links required.
  2. Contact GiftTool at to modify your template to match the new design, as well as, remove the standard navigation bar across the top of your Pledge-a-thon pages. Note that template change fees apply.

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