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Friends of Clayoquot Sound is a small but powerful grassroots organization that depends on individuals for support for research, public education, and peaceful direct action.

We are renowned for punching way above our weight—we make every dollar count, here where it matters, on the ground in Clayoquot Sound.

All donors receive our print newsletter twice a year and monthly email newsletter (unless you opt out). We never share your info with other parties.

Although we are a registered not-for-profit society, we are unable to provide tax-deductible receipts for donations because of our advocacy work. We are not constrained by regulations governing charitable organizations—we use donations to take vital and peaceful steps to protect wilderness and biodiversity.

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Get Involved: Help Us Protect Clayoquot Sound

Friends of Clayoquot Sound have proven that people power works—time and time again. Governments remember what happened here in 1993, and they don’t want a re-run. So they sit up and listen when people write in about Clayoquot Sound. We’ve made it easy for you to do just that. Please add your voice now and be part of saving Clayoquot Sound for future generations.

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