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Item: Garden Plots

Feb. 5, 2021 - Please note that many of our plots are now sold out. We are currently waiting on a grant so that we can increase the number of annual plots we have available. Stay tuned.

Please note that if you cannot add to cart, that plot is sold out.  Email and ask to be put on a waiting list.

  • Annual Plots are 100, 200, 300, 500, and 1000 ft2 sizes. Plots in multiples of 1000 ft2 may be rented by experienced gardeners.
  • Perennial plots are 500 and 1000 ft2 plots for seasoned gardeners only; a 3-year commitment required. These plot rents include an additional fee to accommodate the work when perennial plots change gardeners. farmmanager(at) withyour intended perennial crops. If the shopping cart will not let you purchase, there is a waiting list for perennial plots. Email farmregistration(at) to renew your established perennial plot, or to be added to the waiting list.
  • Garlic plots, 50 or 100 ftplots; the timelines is from the first week of October to the end of August the following year.

Compost and straw mulch are available for purchase with registration.

Sign up for your plot by April 1 to avoid disappointment.

100 sq. feet     $60.00 
200 sq. feet     $85.00 
300 sq. feet     $105.00 
500 sq. feet     $145.00 
1000 sq. feet (2000 sq. ft. max.)     $185.00 
500 sq. feet perennial (no cultivation or rotation)     $165.00 
1000 sq. feet perennial (no cultivation or rotation)     $205.00 
50 sq. ft. Garlic plot (first week of Oct to end of Aug the following year)     $35.00 
100 sq. ft. Garlic plot (first week of Oct to end of Aug the following year)     $60.00 

For item 1:
If sharing your garden plot, please provide the name(s) of your garden plot partner(s).
Please provide your garden plot partner(s) email address(es).
• I have read and agree to abide by the current Guidelines for Ignatius Farm Community Gardens. Spring Field Days with Community Garden orientation, seedling sale, and plot allocations will occur between May 15-25. Details will be provided in the preceding farm e-newsletter. Cancelled registrations are subject to a $15 administration fee. • I have read and agree to follow the Ignatius Farm Community Gardens COVID-19 Protocols and the COVID-19 Guidance for Community Gardens provided by Public Health. I will follow updated protocols provided through newsletters and posted during the growing season

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