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Item: Mulch, Wood Chips and Compost - Commercial Orders Only

Businesses wanting to purchase Compost Yard Products will purchase tickets online.

  • Tickets can be purchased starting in March or April each year, and are available throughout the season/year purchased only.
  • Tickets can be redeemed until the annual supply of product is exhausted. No Refunds.
  • Tickets can be purchased online in denominations of 20, 25, 50  100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 500 cubic yards. However, the City retains the right to limit quantities. 
  • A 20% discount applies to all orders ‘over’ 500 cubic yards. Discount does not apply to purchases of 500 cubic yards or less. Seasonal purchases over 500 cubic yards must be approved for discount by calling Customer Service.
  • Quantities less than those noted can be purchased (at the time of pick up) at the compost yard using debit or credit card only while supplies last.

Purchased tickets are submitted to the Compost Site Attendant at the time of product pick up, and are redeemed for the pre-purchased product. Please ensure to redeem only the amount of product picked up in the SAME day. (Redemption of pre-paid tickets will not be carried over into subsequent days).

  • Rates will be in accordance with the Fees for Services, unless otherwise approved by the City.
  • No holding/storing product; no promised product and/or price holding provided by the City.
  • Contractors must make their own pick-up arrangements. Loading will be provided by the City during posted hours. The Loader Operator is available seasonally Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Loading of purchased product must be completed by 3:00 pm – please plan accordingly.
  • Notify the compost yard via email ( at least 24 hours in advance of pick up or loading is not guaranteed.

    Email must provide:

  • Notification must be in an email, with “Product pick-up” in the subject line.

  • A contact name and phone number.

  • The quantity to be picked up.

  • The preferred day(s) to pick up product.

  • The truck company that will be picking up the product on your behalf if applicable.

    Note: Due to ongoing operational activities in progress at the compost yard, your preferred date(s) of product pick up may be re-scheduled by the City. You will receive an email to confirm date of product pick up, if applicable.

    You will receive a “confirmation” email in response to your request.
20 Cubic Yards     $420.00 
25 Cubic Yards     $525.00 
50 Cubic Yards     $1,050.00 
100 Cubic Yards     $2,100.00 
150 Cubic Yards     $3,150.00 
200 Cubic Yards     $4,200.00 
250 Cubic Yards     $5,250.00 
300 Cubic Yards     $6,300.00 
500 Cubic Yards - if ordering 500 or more, contact for pre approval prior to purchase     $10,500.00 
550 Cubic Yards (20% discount available over 500 cubic yards)     $9,240.00 
600 Cubic Yards     $10,080.00 
650 Cubic Yards     $10,920.00 
700 Cubic Yards     $11,760.00 
750 Cubic Yards     $12,600.00 
800 Cubic Yards     $13,440.00 
850 Cubic Yards     $14,280.00 
900 Cubic Yards     $15,120.00 
950 Cubic Yards     $15,960.00 
1000 Cubic Yards     $16,800.00 


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