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Item: Curb Cut

If you require a curb cut, but have not been in contact with the Engineering Department, please email

We accept curb cut payments online, once your request is approved. Identify the appropriate fee below based on the requested and approved size submitted to the Engineering department and complete your transaction.

A receipt will be provided for your records by email after processing.

0.5 Meter - 5 Meters     $261.01 
5.5 Meters     $287.12 
6 Meters     $314.78 
6.5 Meters     $341.67 
7 Meters     $368.55 
7.5 Meters     $395.44 
8 Meters     $422.32 
8.5 Meters     $449.21 
9 Meters     $476.09 
9.5 Meters     $502.97 
10 Meters     $529.86 


For item 1:
Address of Curb Cut:
Contact Phone Number(s):
Email Address:
If known, identify the approved size of your curb cut based on your approved request.

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