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Item: Subdivision/Condominium Approval Fees

Please select the appropriate items below for your Subdivision/Condominium Approval application. For items that require an application form, please submit it to For items that do not require an application form, this payment portal will be considered your application.

Please refer to the Subdivision/Condominium Approval webpage for clarity on which items require an application form.

Fees can also be paid by cheque mailed or couriered to City Hall. Fees under $5000 can be paid by credit card or debit at City Hall or by credit card over the phone.

City Hall Mailing Address: 255 Christina Street North, PO Box 3018, Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7N2
Planning Department: 519-332-0330 Ext. 3301

Application for Subdivision (10 or more units) (5005-00704)     $8,946.00 
Application for Subdivision (5-9 units) (5005-00704)     $7,647.25 
Application for Condominium (5005-00704)     $8,946.00 
Application for Condominium - Conversion (5005-00704)     $3,323.50 
Application for Condominium - Exemption (5005-00704)     $1,409.00 
Amendment to Draft Plan of Subdivision or Condominium (5005-00704)     $3,175.00 
Extension of Draft Plan Approval (5005-00704)     $403.00 
Lot Release Certificate (5005-00700)     $49.00 
Part Lot Control Exemption Application (5005-00700)     $549.25 
Deeming By-law Application (5005-00700)     $294.00 


For item 1:
Name of applicant:
Address of the subject property:
Municipal File Number (if applicable):

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