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How do I change a delivery schedule?

As your delivery needs change, you can adjust the time slots or number of deliveries assigned to a time slot. You can also change the delivery zones by adjusting the postal or zip codes or the region codes for each delivery zone.

  1. From the Delivery Methods section of the Shopping Cart service menu, choose Delivery Times.
  2. Click Change next to the delivery schedule you want to adjust.
  3. Adjust one or more options:
    • In Delivery Time Slots, enter the start and end time of each time slot.
    • For each day in Deliveries per Time Slot, enter the number of deliveries that can be handled for each day.
    • In Delivery Zone by Postal or Zip Codes, enter the postal codes or zip codes of the delivery zones you cover.
    • In Delivery Zone by State or Province Codes, enter the abbreviation for the provinces or states you cover.
  4. Click Save.

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