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How do I use Copy to create a new survey or test?

The copy feature is particularly useful if you have recurring surveys from year to year and would like to re-use the same survey design.

Copying a survey lets you create a new survey based on the setup of an existing survey. By copying a survey, it also ensures that you start with a clean database with no responses listed in the survey reports.

To create a copy of an existing survey:

  1. From the Setup menu of the Tests & Surveys service, click Manage
  2. Click Copy beside the name of the survey or test to be copied. You can then edit the copied version to your needs by modifying the title, start & end dates, questions, and any other details.

NOTE: You should never simply rename and make changes to an existing survey. Otherwise, you will be mixing the responses of your modified survey with the responses to the original survey. It is much better to create a copy of a past survey to start with a clean database!


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