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How do I view the results of a membership survey?

You can view the results of your membership surveys that have been added to your membership registration forms.

  1. Click Surveys & Tests to view the Main Menu of this service.
  2. From the Reports section, click Reports.
  3. Click Member Surveys.
  4. Each survey is listed on a separate row. To view results click one of the following report types:
    • Summary & Cross Tabulation Report - X-Tab: This is a summary report highlighting the total statistics by question. You can also perform cross-tabulations, by clicking on Include and Exclude. The report will generate a summary cross tabulation report that only includes the survey results for those respondents who did or did not make that choice. Click Start Over to reset the survey results to include all respondents.
    • Individual Responses - Responses: View survey results by individual registrant in HTML format.
    • Excel Report - Excel: Download an Excel spreadsheet report containing a complete listing of responses, which can be saved to your hard drive. This Excel report will display the answers for each respondent (listed by row) to each question (listed by column).

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