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How can members renew their membership?

For membership renewals:

  1. Your members should visit your regular Membership Sign-up form on your website and enter their email address and password associated with their member profile.
  2. This will auto-populate their personal information so that they can quickly breeze through the renewal process and pay for their membership.


  • Whenever a member renews, a new order transaction is processed and added to the Member’s Profile. If they have paid by credit card this renewed membership will be automatically active. If they select “pay by cheque” instead, then they will be listed as Pending. This allows you to record the cheque payment and then activate the renewed membership once payment has been received.
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  • If a member has a new email, your staff can modify the email in the member's profile first before the member renews online. This ensures that the member retains the same member ID number. And when they login to their account, they will see their past membership history. Alternatively, the member can renew with their old email, then login to update their email address and password.
  • If a member enters a different email to “renew” their membership, they will actually be creating a new Member Profile with a new member ID number. You can then archive their old membership. In this case, you will see two Member ID numbers associated with the same member in your reports, one that is archived with the old email address and one that is active with the new email address.
  • As a Member Profile already exist in the system for renewing members, you should not use the import function to renew their membership unless you wish to create a new Member Profile with a different email address and member ID. Instead, your staff should renew the existing member by following the steps above.

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