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How do I cancel a membership and issue a refund?

To change a Membership order, you must cancel the complete order and have the person re-register with the correct information.

Cancelling a transaction is a two step process. You can ignore step 1, if this is not a credit card transaction.

  1. To refund the Credit Card Holder: Login to your your Payment Gateway account handling the behind-the-scenes credit card processing, find the credit card transaction, and reverse the charge on the person's credit card.
  2. To cancel the transaction in your GiftTool database: Send an email to with the order ID, transaction date, customer's name, and the transaction amount. We will adjust your database within 2-5 business days.

Alternatively, if you wish to avoid the additional transaction fees associated with cancelling a transaction or if this is a free membership registration, you can simply change the expiration date & archive the membership.

Learn more about cancelling transactions for other services: Event RegistrarDonations, Pledge-a-thon, Shopping Cart.

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