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How do I archive a membership registration form?

Once a membership registration form has been chosen by at least one member, GiftTool prevents the membership registration form from being deleted. This is to preserve the integrity of the data associated with this membership registration form.

Instead, you can archive a membership registration form so that it no longer appears on your List of Memberships shown to the public. Note: If you are linking directly to the archived membership form, the Membership Description page continues to be shown on your website until you remove the link. However, registration will no longer be available.

Once archived, the membership form is moved from the Active folder to the Archived folder in your BackOffice account.

  1. From the Setup section of the Membership menu, choose Membership.
  2. Click Archive next to the membership registration form you want to store. The membership registration form is moved to the list of archived membership registration forms.

If you have archived a membership form by mistake, you can always re-activate a membership registration form that has been archived.

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